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Yep, we totally get that good teeth aren't a luxury. Everyone deserves a care they need, and we'll make sure you get the care you need at a price you can afford.

No commute, no hassle, and nobody knows you go to the dentist

Save time by eliminating the dentist commute and scheduling hassles. Connect to an online dentist in minutes, whenever you need it.

No hidden agenda or costs

Trusted advice and care thats about you, always. No hidden agenda or costs. Whether you need a second opinion or an in-depth treatment plan, you're in safe hands

How to get started?

1. Answer a few questions on your oral health
2. Share images of your teeth and mouth
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Online dental care is the latest trend in healthcare

  • Moru teledentistry has created the leading service! Works around your schedule, and can reach patients in any part of the world

  • Patients can access their health records online at all times, making it convenient for flexible working, traveling across the country, or living abroad

  • Moru Teledentistry guarantees privacy for patients who want to be able to have dental consultation or a second opinion with ease of access, minimal distruption and convenience

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How Can i get started?

1. Sign up

2. Answer few questions on your oral health

1. Share images of your teeth and mouth

1. Complete report delivered

How long does it take to receive my report?

For the single issue service then its up to 6 hours while the full oral assessment service is up to 24 hours

How can i pay?

We accept payments online via VISA or MASTERCARD debit or credit card

Do you have a physical office?

We would love to meet you personally. But we are an online dental office completely in the cloud. However, we are planning to set up state of the art dental offices in the near future

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately we do not accept insurance at the moment.

I have an issue with my account

send us an email at help@getmoru.com

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